Frequently Asked Questions

Tile is from the Latin tessella and tiling is called a tessellation. That’s how passionate we are about tiles!

Tile is a building material known for its durability, moisture resistance and low maintenance requirements.

It is often used in kitchens and bathrooms but is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as countertops, backsplashes and decorative wall coverings.

We are seeing it used more and more to accentuate walls and to bring warmth, clean lines and a sense of drama to an room.

The most common types of tiles used are porcelain and ceramic.

Each type of tile offers distinct benefits and drawbacks that should be considered before making a purchase decision.

There are various types of Tiles out there, here is an overview on the main ones.

TRAVERTINE is a type of limestone created by hot springs from all over the world. Because of this natural mix of minerals in travertine each tile has a unique pattern and character. This makes it perfect for a one-of-a-kind floor for your home.

PORCELAIN is manufactured tile from natural clay and created by heating to higher temperatures. This creates a denser floor tile that can be used indoors and outdoors. Available in a variety of textures, colours and sizes making it a perfect choice for durability and style.

WOOD LOOK is the fastest growing category in tile comes in both ceramic and porcelain. This tile mimics the warmth and feel of natural wood but is much easier to maintain and more durable than natural wood.

CERAMIC is not as durable as natural stone tiles, glazed ceramic tiles are non-porous, reasonably affordable and low maintenance. Be aware that some options don’t work well outdoors because of exposure to the elements, ceramic tiles can create a seamless, organic interior-exterior flow.

There are almost infinite options when it comes to colour, size and design, so your selection will come down to the look you want and the size of your budget. Black and white tiles laid in a chequered pattern is a classic look.

We are seeing more and more classic herringbone looks, which are amazing!

TERRAZZO  is a mix of stone, marble, glass or even metal chips in a cement-based mixture. It looks great when used as an alternative to polished concrete as it can be laid seamlessly. Terrazzo was once popular as a less-costly alternative to marble, but these days it is sought after for its large selection of colours and durability.

STONE can be used as tiles or slabs. There’s an imperfect beauty to stone, thanks to the subtleties that only Mother Nature can produce. The colours available range from cream to gold sandstone, through to dark, smoky bluestones and everything in between.

One of the main things to consider when it comes to stone flooring is how porous it is. Porosity varies greatly and will determine how your floor will need to be sealed and maintained.

CONCRETE is a versatile product that can be polished to a smooth, shiny surface, tinted to practically any colour or acid-washed to create a soft mottled or etched look. Mixing decorative particles can add subtle texture to concrete.

SLATE is a metamorphic rock, which means they are made by either immense heat or pressure from the earth’s crust. Slate was originally a black mud laid down on the bottom of the sea or lake and can be found across the world. Due to its creation, it showcases an amazing rich colour palette that ranges from copper to red, navy to sage and tan to black. This fine grained floor tile can be used both indoors and outdoors.

MARBLE is a highly durable, naturally created stone that exists in almost every colour due to the variability of component minerals. Marble tile can have multiple finishes from polished to honed and brushed to tumbled, this classic floor tile is fit for any room in your home.

PEBBLE AND STONE MOSAIC tile bring the beauty of nature indoors. The natural tones and unique shape of each floor tile can provide unique character to any room.

ONYX is a softer stone and has a transparent quality that doesn’t exist in any other stone. Onyx tile is best suited for indoor floors, counter tops, and in medium to light traffic areas. This smooth texture and earth shade tones are sure to stand out in your home.

QUARTZITE is also a metamorphic rock (see Slate) with a natural, yet elegant appearance. It comes in many different colours and textures and is highly durable and versatile It is suitable for both commercial and residential and can be used indoors or out.


Ceramic tile is made from natural clay, sand and water and then baked in a kiln to remove most of the moisture.

Porcelain tile is also made from clay but tends to be made using denser types of clay than ceramic and baked at very high temperatures for long periods of time so that almost all the water is removed. This longer drying time makes porcelain tile much harder and denser than ceramic.


Ceramic and porcelain tend to have different overall colorings and appearances.

Ceramic tile is known for its natural red terracotta finish, while porcelain is usually white or grey.

Although ceramic may be glazed to create different surface colours or designs, porcelain is usually left unglazed. White chips in the glaze can be highly visible on ceramic tiles, whereas chips in porcelain are not as noticeable because these tiles are the same colour throughout.


Both porcelain and ceramic can be used to cover walls, ceilings, countertops, showers and backsplashes.

Ceramic is designed only for indoor use, while porcelain can safely be used indoors or out.

This designation is due to the higher moisture content of ceramic tile, which makes it more susceptible to freezing- and thawing-related cracks.

Porcelain has a lower moisture content and is less likely to crack due to freezing.


Porcelain generally costs more than ceramic tile.

At the same time, porcelain is more durable and longer lasting, so it may be the cheaper of the two over the life of the installation. Porcelain is also less porous, making it easier to clean and less likely to stain.

Stained ceramic may require replacement due to the difficulty of removing stains from porous tiles.


Porcelain can be expected to last longer than ceramic in almost any application as it can withstand high levels of traffic and increased levels of wear and tear.

Ceramic is likely to chip or crack if objects are dropped on it, and the tiles are not expected to hold up for as long as porcelain units. Ceramic should not be used in most commercial applications, while porcelain can be used in light- or medium-duty commercial projects in addition to residential.


Porcelain is very hard and durable, which can be a problem during installation, as its dense nature makes it difficult to cut, especially when special shapes or rounded edges are needed.

For do-it-yourself installers, ceramic is often the better choice because it requires fewer special tools. It is also better to use ceramic when working in an oddly shaped area that requires a large number of special cuts.

A rectified tile has all its edges mechanically finished to achieve a more precise dimension.

Unlike a typical factory-edged tile, a rectified tile is created by cutting the tile to size after the firing process. This creates precise 90 degree angle smooth edges.

As a result, the tiles can be laid with consistent grout joints. Most tiles, Porcelain and Ceramic can vary in size (up to 1.0%) after the firing process but this can be substantially minimised by grinding the tile after firing.

WOOD-LOOK TILE IS HERE TO STAY and we can confirm that it is the largest selling category in the tile industry right now. We are being asked more and more if we are experienced in laying these, as they are not cheap, but we have to admit – LOOK AMAZING!

It looks more authentic than ever and offers unmatched durability.  As far as design and style, wood-look goes with everything from rustic to the cleanest contemporary.

SUBWAY TILES were introduced over hundred years ago but subway tile’s popularity has proven to be timeless.

Who knew that when the New York City Subway System opened in 1904 that much of the rectangular ceramic tile featured in the design would one day become a popular tile that can be put everywhere? And believe us, we have put it everywhere!

We can thank architects George C. Heins and Christopher Grant LaFarge who were hired to work on the subway. They came up with the idea and chose the tile thanks in part to its versatility, durability and easy to clean characteristics.

SEAMLESS OUTDOOR-INDOOR LIVING trend for indoor-to-outdoor transitional living is continuing to grow and gives a sense of continuation and clean lines.

TILED KITCHEN BACKSPLASH were very popular last year and the masonry trend is just going to grow. We have seen some amazing interpretations on tile sizes and shapes in different looks like wood or concrete. Italian craft cementine makes a great option for trendy commercial and retail spaces.

METAL & TEXTILE looks and finishes are big news for 2017. Metal has been growing as a favourite with colour offerings getting better and better! Thing gun metal and pewter rather than just stainless in matte or light polishes.

Metal-look tile offers styles that you can’t get anywhere else when mixed with the industrial commercial look.

Textile-look tile includes Linens, Tweeds, Tartans, and Patterns. You’ll see these in concrete and stone mashups too.

WALL TILES are still huge! We love the feature walls, accent walls, and tile on the walls in general!

Go with Bold colours, especially blue, with rich textures and you won’t go wrong. We are seeing more and more 3D tiles for walls which have included geometric shapes that pop off the wall, natural leaf shapes that add Zen, and linear structures that are more than just visual will be the big thing on the walls this year.

Tile on the wall will get bigger, literally.

From large-format 8 x 24, 12 x 24, and even including 24 x 48 tiles to 70 inch porcelain slabs, we love using big tile on walls and floors.

Short answer – Yes we do.  We cater for all budgets so we can do as much or as little as required.

Long answer – We love Bathroom Renovations! We know how exciting and costly these renovations are and love to be able to deliver your dream to you.

Remember, we want you to love it and we will help you in any way we can.

Yes we do. Its a hard and thankless job, but essential to creating the important foundation to your tiling project.

We can strip anything in your home, safely and dust free.

The better the strip out, the less work and products are needed to create that solid and clean foundation.

You will be surprised how little it will cost you for us to strip it out for you.

Absolutely! We use the very latest in waterproofing products and techniques, which will ensure that you never have any issues.

We guarantee all our waterproofing for 8 years, which means if you have any problems in that time, call us and we will come and sort it out for you.

Absolutely! Please be assured that we are fully insured up to $5,000,000 for each job that we do, regardless of how big or small it is.

If you need more than that, let us know and we will up it accordingly!

At the end of the day, we know how hard things are at the moment.

Every penny counts.

We know that sometimes are delivering dreams and sometime we are just fixing annoying bits, either way. we are passionate about what we deliver and we honestly want you to love what we do.

All our work comes with an 8 year warranty. No questions asked.

Of course!

We are not one of those companies that want to charge you for a quote. That is not what we are about.

We will come and see you or we can do it via email and pictures, whatever works for you.

You will find us super friendly, experienced and professional with a heap of ideas that we are happy to share with you. There are no hard sells and no pressure what-so-ever.

All our quotes are free of charge.

The Company Promise

Our friendly, affordable and outstanding service matched with exceptional work every time is our guarantee.

Our Testimonials

I've been waiting for my new home to be built for nearly 2 years and was particularly worried about the amount of tiling to be done including the spiral stair case. After we had Distinctive Assets in, I was thrilled. It looks amazing! The stairs were definitely worth the massive effort I know Scott had to put into it. There was not one full tile on the entire staircase!!

From Emma

From North Beach

I was extremely satisified with the help and advise that I recieved from DA for my bathroom and ensuite renovation. Nothing was a problem. The tiling was completed to an excellent standard. The team arrived on time every day and stayed late in order to complete the job on time even though there were issues with one of the walls. They were always polite and cleaned up after themselves every day.


From Sorrento

We had a fire (husband was cooking - say no more!) and the entire outside kitchen had to be replaced. Distinctive Assets came in and removed the entire kitchen and all the tiles from the walls, counters and floor. They cleaned it up and prepared everything so that it was ready to tile. DA were able to really help us choose this really modern look that I would have never considered. I had no idea tiles could be so beautiful! DA tiled it all beautifully and on time so that other trades weren't put off their schedule.


From City Beach

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